Fund Management

At Fitbond Investments Limited we operate 3 fully-managed funds for our retail, corporate and institutional client base, all of which are overseen by senior advisors and managers whose experience and knowledge are key in allocating the most suitable fund for a client’s individual needs.

Determining which fund is most the beneficial for the client involves a process of detailed discussions and planning. This thorough approach ensures that the client’s ultimate financial objectives are not only met but in most cases exceeded.

The risk management of our funds is very important to us and also to our clients. The managing of any risk, of any kind, is always a primary consideration for us when deciding upon the best fund for you. The diversification within each of the fund’s composition is why we are able to manage each specific fund’s risk and match it to the risk tolerance of the client.

Dependent upon the client’s purpose for involvement in a fund, the considered time period and their risk tolerance will always guide our team in determining the fund most suitable for you.

Whether it is for retirement planning, an income stream or for any other reason, we have a fund for you that is able to fulfill all of your specific requirements.