Provident Funds

Fitbond Provident Funds

Our Provident Funds are designed to offer you a safe and effective way to save for your retirement, ensuring you have a comfortable and secure portfolio.

Provident Funds are long-term savings schemes, which enable individuals to accumulate a substantial wealth through regular contributions during their working life. These funds are an excellent way to ensure financial stability and security post-retirement.

Why Choose Fitbond Investments Provident Funds?

  • Steady Growth: We focus on steady capital appreciation while minimizing risk, ensuring a stable growth of your retirement savings.

  • Flexible Contribution Plans: Our Provident Funds offer flexibility in terms of contribution amounts and frequency, allowing you to save at your own pace.

  • Tax Benefits: Contributions to Provident Funds often come with tax benefits, reducing your taxable income while you save for the future.

  • Diversified Investment: We invest your savings across a diversified portfolio, including bonds, equities, and other secure investment vehicles, to optimize returns and minimize risks.

  • Professional Management: Our team of experienced investment managers oversees your fund, employing strategic asset allocation and rigorous fund management practices.

Our Provident Fund Services

  1. Regular Provident Fund: Ideal for salaried employees, this fund allows you to save a portion of your salary every month, which is matched by your employer, maximizing your savings potential.

  2. Voluntary Provident Fund: For those who wish to contribute more than the mandatory provident fund contribution, this fund offers the flexibility to invest additional amounts for higher returns.

  3. Private Provident Fund: Tailored for self-employed individuals or those working in sectors without mandatory provident fund schemes, this fund offers a structured way to save for retirement.